ILO: 38 Countries Discuss the Labors’ Issues in Palm Oil

ILO: 38 Countries Discuss the Labors’ Issues in Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, TURIN – To block the negative campaigns about palm oil, the growers, stakeholders keep doing the positive ones in European Union. The positive campaign was running in Turin, Italy.

In the event that International Labor Organzation (ILO), one organization of United Nations proposed in ITC ILO in Turin, the discussion about palm oil was joined by about 100 participants from 38 countries. One discussion was about High Level Panel: Promotion Decent Work in Rural Economy.

Chairman in Labor, Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), Sumarjono Saragih said that in the opportunity, he told about the achievement of cooperation which the companies do about the labor in the plantations.

He thought that the positive campaign done by telling the achievement of improvement is the best way to block the negative campaigns. There are good things to get but they are not published in the global level. “This is the good chance to tell the cooperation among IPOA, labors, the smallholders to ILO,” he recently said.

Since 2016 ILO – IPOA – the Labors have done many, such as, training, workshop, promotion, and implementation. “I appreciate ILO Indonesia for being the important partner to change the image of palm oil, namely in the labor aspect,” Saragih said. (T2)


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