The Independent Smallholders’ Unions from Riau and Jambi Got ISPO

The Independent Smallholders’ Unions from Riau and Jambi Got ISPO

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Three unions of the independent smallholders got the Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certificate, they are, Koperasi Tinera Jaya in Siak, Riau; KUD Panca Jaya in Rokan Hilir, Riau; and Koperasi Perkasa Nalo Tantan in Merangin, Jambi.

Chairman of Koperasi Tinera Jaya, Suhailis said that his side really waited for the certificate to prove that palm oil is sustainably produced. “We realized that to answer the negative campaigns from the foreigners is by implementing the sustainable practices,” he said in the Plantation Day and the handing over ISPO certificate in Malang, East Java, (10/12/2019).

The certification run for eight months and it run well. Koperasi Tinera Jaya having 225 independent smallholders cultivates about 611,4 hectares (ha) of palm oil plantations. He hoped that the better cultivation could increase the productivity and would not expand the plantations.

Besides getting the developing program from one palm oil plantation company, Wilmar, Koperasi Tinera Jaya also were developed by PT Permodalan Siak (Persi), as the regional government’s instance to cultivate the plantations and give the capital.

Chairman of Koperasi Nalo Tantan, Nita Trisnawati said that her side got many from the development to solve the issues to get the certificate. In the beginning, it was hard to do but we could accomplish the certification process for six months.

Koperasi Nalo Tanan has 70 independent smallholders and they cultivate 376,44 ha in District of Merangin, Jambi. “The development is important for the smallholders to fulfill the standards and cultivate professionally,” she said as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

The Secretary of KUD Panca Jaya, Irwansyah said that his side has run the sustainable practices ever since the KUD was made, such as, no burning, no deforestation, no poison in the river. Made in 1991, KUD Panca Jaya now has 226 independent smallholders and they cultivate 456 ha of palm oil plantations. The members found no difficulty when the process of certification ran for about five months. “By getting ISPO, we are organized to cultivate ours,” he said. (T2)


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