Palm Oil Biodiesel Issue, Indonesia Fights for Discrimination

Palm Oil Biodiesel Issue, Indonesia Fights for Discrimination

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – In the previous, the government Indonesia through Perutusan Tetap Republik Indonesia (PTRI) in Jenewa, Swiss officially claimed European Union in the World Trade Organization (WTO), on 9 December 2019. The claim was about Renewable Energy Directive II (RED II) and Delegated Regulation.

But the process of the claim may not run well because there should be some processes for Indonesia to do.

Vice Minister of Trade, Indonesia, Jerry Sambuaga told that Indonesia consistently takes the palm oil biodiesel issue to WTO after getting some suggestion from the stakeholders.

He told that this is the form of firm denial of discrimination and no concern to free trade ethics. What European would do to palm oil biodiesel from Indonesia may not be consistent to the free trade.

“We proposed the consultation to European Union and would give the facts and arguments about palm oil biodiesel and would be taken to WTO,” he said to some journalists in Jakarta where InfoSAWIT did attend, Tuesday (7/1/2020).

He also said that what Indonesia would do is not the reactive response or retaliation of the palm oil biodiesel ban to Europe. “This is unfair ban and not the same with the free trade principle,” he said.

Before taking the issue to WTO, the government would meet and have consultation which should be the first way to solve the issue in WTO. The goal is to ask for the clarification on the issue and to get the solution. It is said that the question list process would be finished on 10 January. The preparation of the answer on the questions and the submission would be on 14 January and the next – to be taken to WTO would be on 30 January. (T2)


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