To Boost the Export, Minister of Trade Took the Indonesian Representatives to do Economic Diplomacy

To Boost the Export, Minister of Trade Took the Indonesian Representatives to do Economic Diplomacy

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA Minister of Trade, Agus Suparmanto took the head of representative of Indonesia in many countries as the partners of ministry of trade to do economic diplomacy to increase the exports from Indonesia. The representatives of Indonesia were the ambassadors, general consulate, trade attaché, Indonesia Trade Promotion Center (ITPC), and the officers of economy.

“We do hope that the representatives of Indonesia in the foreign countries could be more active to struggle for the trade interests of Indonesia, namely to increase the exports in the foreign countries,” he said when being the speaker in the meeting with the head of Indonesia representatives with ministry of foreign affairs in 2020 in the office of ministry of foreign affairs in Jakarta, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

The discussion in the meeting series of ministry of foreign affairs had the theme, "Mengatasi Defisit Neraca Perdagangan: Meningkatkan Ekspor dan Mengamankan Pasar Dalam Negeri". The speakers were minister of agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo and minister of industry, Agus Gumiwang, and moderated by General Director in duty of America and Europe, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Agus Suparmanto thought that the heads of Indonesian representatives are needed namely to inform the non-tariff measures (NTM) and the issues of non-tariff barriers (NTB) which become the obstacles to trade the products from Indonesia and the regulations which may violate the agreement in the world trade organization (WTO) in the accredited countries.

Besides the heads of Indonesian representatives should monitor the preferential scheme advantage which has been implemented. They should help to solve the trade issue, know and told the information of export chance of goods and service, get the investment in goods and service too.

Besides they should do intensive approach, namely to the countries in Africa and Middle East to respond the proposals from Indonesia to negotiate the preferential trade agreement (PTA)

To optimize the ITPC and trade attaché, based on what President Joko Widodo told, ministry of trade would get the solution on re-orientation of the works of the trade representatives in the accredited regions. We hope that ministry of external affairs, technical ministry, association, the exporters would support this,” Agus Suparmanto said.

He also told that the mandate that President Joko Widodo handed over to ministry of trade that is, to maintain the trade balance by accelerating the trade agreement, controlling the import selectively, optimizing the roles of trade attaché and ITPC so they could really contribute to increase the exports in the accredited regions.

He also explained that by the increasing target of non-oil and gas exports about 7,75% - 11,09%, it needs to secure the main export countries and expand the new ones.

Besides it needs to increase the competitiveness, diversify the export products, facilitate the trade, increase the promotion, strengthen the image of Indonesia, advantage the e-commerce for the domestic products, simplify the export procedures and ease the material of import, optimize ITPC, increase the trade security, and accelerate thee international trade negotiation.

About the strengthening and security of domestic markets, he continued, that ministry of trade would keep focusing to increase the competitiveness of the domestic products. “Ministry of trade keeps controlling the import by the product standard monitoring, obey the measure, and commerce, protect the domestic industries, increase the commodity exchange to determine the price,” he said. (T2)


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