Make the Better Capacity of the Independent Smallholdrs in Wilmar Farmer’s Day

Make the Better Capacity of the Independent Smallholdrs in Wilmar Farmer’s Day

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – To increase the capacity of the independent smallholders to cultivate their plantations and to increase their productivity, PT Siak Prima Sakti (SPS), Wilmar Group did Hari Petani Wilmar (Wilmar Farmer’s Day). The program is about to implement the best practices palm oil cultivation, such as, the land sampling technic, leaves to fertilizer, knowing the nutrients for the land, the disease control, and the field classroom.

It was done on 14 - 15 January 2020 in the two unions, the partners of Wilmar in District of Siak, Riau, they are, Koperasi Sekato Jaya Lestari and Tinera Jaya. The two are developed by PT Permodalan Siak (PERSI), which is the enterprises of District of Siak.

Manager Humas & Human Resource, PT Siak Prima Sakti, Beni Safari said that the development to the (independent) smallholders would not stop until they get Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certificate but the development is for the independent smallholders too to implement the best practices. “They need to adopt the best method and technic to increase their harvest,” he said as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Wednesday (15/1/2020).

Meanwhile, Chairman of Koperasi Tinera Jaya, Suhailis said that the event was good for he got more information and knowledge and the others were too about the more professional cultivation, the administration, and the plans. For all these years, they conventionally cultivated. To get the better harvest, the smallholders need to make breakthrough. “There should be party to accompany and develop the smallholders to know the better ways in the cultivation,” he said.

Chairman of Koperasi Sekato Jaya Lestari, Joarsa hoped that the better and righ ways of cultivation would increase their productivity and they would have better lives. until now, their harvests are still small in numbers and they need development. “In the event, we also discussed about the cultivation issues and the solution,” he said. T2)


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