The Former Champion of Badminton Becomes the Malaysia Palm Oil Ambassador

The Former Champion of Badminton Becomes the Malaysia Palm Oil Ambassador

InfoSAWT, PETALING JAYA - The former world champion in badminton from Malaysia, Lee Chong Wei agreed with the government of Malaysia as the palm oil promotion ambassador when this industry faces the negative accusations from European Union. In a 57 second – video, he talked in Mandarin and translated in Malayan.

In the video he said that Malaysia is the second biggest palm oil exporter in the world. This industry provides employment for more than 500 thousand citizens of Malaysia and it is the source of living for the family and could send their children to study in the higher level. Millions of Malaysian should depend on palm oil industries.


“Palm oil is the national treasure and our pride,” he said in the video which is part of the campaign, Love My Palm Oil. As quoted from News Straits Times.


The video appeared two days after European Union agreed not to use palm oil as the material for vegetable fuel in 2030. What European Union does is contradict to Indonesia and Malaysia, as the two big palm oil producers in the world. Many in European Union thought that palm oil industrial development would damage the environment, namely deforestation. But Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad rejected the claim by saying that ‘it has no base, and not fair,” he said. (T2)


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