Minister SYL and Minister Teresa Bellanova Discussed Palm Oil Export in Italy

Minister SYL and Minister Teresa Bellanova Discussed Palm Oil Export in Italy

InfoSAWIT, ROMA - Indonesia and Italy agreed to confirm the cooperation and promotion in agriculture. This is part of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) between ministry of agriculture, Indonesia and ministry of agriculture, food, and forestry, Italy.

In the meeting, Minister of Agriculture, Indonesia, Syahrul Yasin Limpo (SYL) and Minister Teresa Bellanova discussed some bilateral issues, namely to increase the trade and investment values in agriculture.

SYL told that Indonesia has many superior agricultural commodities, such as, palm oil, rubber, tropical fruits, tea, and spices. He also took that Italy could invest in agriculture and livestock in Indonesia. He also emphasized that the agricultural sectors in Indonesia have implemented the good agricultural practices (GAP) and sustainably cultivated.

In specific, the two ministers discussed the palm oil exports from Indonesia. It is used to food industries and the material for bio-diesel in Italy. Based on the data, palm oil exports from Indonesia to Italy reached US$ 570,2 million, or 29,7% of the total exports to the country (reaching US$ 1,92 Billion) and 79,7% of the total agricultural export from Indonesia to Italy (US$ 715,6 million).

Minister Bellanova understood that the palm oil plantations play important roles to give employment and conquer the poverty in Indonesia.

The Ambassador of Indonesia to Italy, Esti Andayani thought that the signing of the MoU would confirm the bilateral relationship and could develop the agriculture in Indonesia.

She thought that the MoU would ease the agricultural information exchange to increase the capacity, and implement the joint research done by the agricultural institutions from both countries.

Indonesia and Italy have run the bilateral cooperation since 1959, and recently celebrated the 70 years of diplomatic cooperation in 2019. Italy is the third biggest trade partner for Indonesia among the European countries. In January-November 2019, the trade of both countries reached US$ 3,17 billion. (T2)


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