The Sustainability Could be The Hidden Protectionism

The conservation around the palm oil plantations
The Sustainability Could be The Hidden Protectionism

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - The sustainable principles and practice for every kind of vegetable oil are different but palm oil has the tightest ones. This happens for the special attention (concern) from those who care about the social and environment as the basic intervention to control and decide the (determined) standards though they are not involved in the palm oil production.

The negative campaigns about palm oil forced the tight sustainable standards and these keep developing by the raise of anti-palm oil propaganda by kinds of reasons and concerns, such as, the health to mankind, environment issues, and also social impacts. But these are not regulated to other kinds of vegetable oil.

As part of anti-palm oil campaign, the issue of sustainability is used as the way to postpone the palm oil development and markets. The palm oil competition gets smaller in systematic ways by making campaigns that the consumers should think of with emotion.

Though palm oil producer try their best maximally to explain and provide the facts about the negative accusations, but they always lost in the battle of opinion because the way to block the anti-palm oil campaigns was done in sporadic approach, conventional, and un-organized ways.

Besides the negative campaign always use the emotional massages which easily influence the consumers while the producers just focus to explain the facts which are not so interesting (for the candidates of consumers).

The anti-palm oil campaign and propaganda succeed to press the market development in European Union. The markets there are stagnant, palm oil gets cheaper, and the plantation development may stop.

The anti-palm oil campaigns always fail to provide the accurate data and facts, such as, the impact for the health which was told but it still haunts us. This is not scientific reason. On the other hand the scientific research concluded that palm oil is the vegetable oil within hardly same characteristic and there is no negative impact for the health of men. (Writer: Edi Suhardi/ Palm oil plantation practitioner in Indonesia)

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