Palm Oil Plantations Adopt the Sustainable Practices for years

Palm Oil Plantations Adopt the Sustainable Practices for years

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Director of PT Unggul Widya Teknologi Lestari (UWTL), Tjokro Putro Wibowo said that since one last decade, the palm oil plantation company has developed the strategic commodity in sustainable ways.

It means that it is developed by taking the people as the partners to increase their economy in the main-plasma partnership scheme.

He also said that the company where he leads has taken the people in ten villages or covered 3.070 families within about 6.140 hectares (ha). Not only by taking the transmigration, the local people are taken by covering about 187 ha or involving the local up to 99 families, and the independent areas covering 5.000 ha.

Compared to the main areas where the company cultivates reaching about 7.009 ha, the numbers are narrower than the plasma and the independent areas.

“For years we have implemented the palm oil development sustainably by taking the people to develop,” Tjokro said.

He also told that it is not easy thing to develop palm oil plantations in West Sulawesi province. It was not easy to go to the location. Heading to District of Mamuju Utara in the province in 1987, the infrastructure was so minim. (T2)

This article once published in InfoSAWIT, November 2019


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