MEF and WWF Come to an End

MEF and WWF Come to an End

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – After doing cooperation for about more than two decades, Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MEF) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Indonesia finally end their cooperation through the Decision of Minister of EF, No. SK.32/Menlhk/Setjen/KUM.1/1/2020 about the End of Cooperation between Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MEF) and Yayasan WWF Indonesia. From the decision signed by Minister of EF, Siti Nurbaya on 10 January 2020 tersebut, there are three important points that end.

General Director of Conservation and Natural Resource and Ecosystem, MEF, Wiratno said that the cooperation ends because there were some discrepancies between the result of what WWF Indonesia has done and the targets of the government to realize.

“The issues of forestry, both about the fire, the restoration, and the conservation should have the clear and measured goals in the field. The issues were not enough done by making image and taking the public figures,” he said in Jakarta, Monday (27/1/2020).

He also mentioned that at least in December 2019, WWF actually should have ended every physical and administration activities in the field. In the decision, it regulated that the first, the cooperation between MEF c.q. General Director of Forest Protection and Natural Conservation with Yayasan WWF Indonesia No. 188/DJ-VI/Binprog/1998 and Nomor CR/026/III/1998 on 13 Maret 1997 and every activity in the cooperation..

The second, every agreement of the cooperation between MEF which involves Yayasan WWF Indonesia. The third, every activity of Yayasan WWF Indonesia and the regional governments in the scale of work, business, and authority of MEF.

The third, MEF found that there were violations about the principles of cooperation and violation of the field work, and one side – claim which was not adjustable in the field fact at the serious level done by Yayasan WWF Indonesia

The fourth, the violation to the substance of the agreement of cooperation, such as, by making series of campaigns in the social media and report publication which were not based on the facts done by the management of Yayasan WWF Indonesia.

He also thought that the decision has been given to Yayasan WWF Indonesia in written. The cooperation between both sides came to an end and no more available since 5 October 2019.

Meanwhile Yayasan WWF Indonesia still does the physical and administration activity in the scale of MEF which should have been finished, at least, on 31 December 2019. (T2)


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