Personal Care Company, Inolex, Uses 100% Sustainable Palm Oil

Personal Care Company, Inolex, Uses 100% Sustainable Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, USA – The chemical company of the United States of America, Inolex, made sure that every material used to produce would be from sustainable palm oil in mass balance scheme.

In the previous, the company in January 2018 offered the products deriving from sustainable palm oil to the consumers through the mass balance scheme for every material of the palm oil derivatives.

According to the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Inolex ensured to use 100% of the material from sustainable palm oil certified by Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) within the specific, in each name of the product, there would be “MB”.

Director of Marketing, Inolex, Lisa Gandolfi, Ph.D., said that the company tries to be the pioneer for the changing industries to encourage the standards heading to the source and trade of sustainable palm oil. Besides the company also encourages RSPO, a multi-stakeholder company to change the markets to make sustainable palm oil as the norm.

The Sustainability Program of Inolex

Inolex recently released the Report of Sustainability Progress in 2019, which focused the main initiatives got in the last one year. The report is also the commitment of the company to the traceability. The Balance & Act program put full transition of Inolex from every derivative product of palm oil in the portfolio exclusively to RSPO about the materials certified in mass balance scheme which surpass the industrial standards.

The report also focused the participation of the company in the BioPreferred® USDA program and independently claimed the natural and sustainability from the technology in its factory. Inolex has the biggest portfolio of certified material from BioPreferred® USDA in the category Intermediate – the components of personal care products within about 83 products on 31 December 2019.

The report became the temporary one and noted the success of the transition of the company from the production platform in 2019 in the USA to be the new superior manufacturer company in Charlotte, North Carolina. (T2)


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