To Boost the Trade to Turkey, Indonesia Commits to Simplify the Regulation

Photo: Doc of Public relation of Ministry of Trade
To Boost the Trade to Turkey, Indonesia Commits to Simplify the Regulation

InfoSAWIT, ANKARA – To complete the Indonesia Turkey Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement IT CEPA, Vice Minister of Trade, Indonesia, Jerry Sambuaga intensively approached the businessmen in Turkey, such as, making business meeting with The Union of Chambers and Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) and Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEIK). It was attended by about 20 businessmen of Turkey.

"The meeting was the chance to meet and make dialogue with the private sectors in Turkey. It is hoped that the government of Indonesia could get input to increase the trade and get the supports to accomplish the IT CEPA," he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

In the meeting he also told that the government of Indonesia keeps trying to simplify the regulations between the central and regional governments.

The representative of TOBB told his optimism to increase the trade relationship between the two countries.

The ambassador of Indonesia in Turkey, Iqbal would follow up the meeting with the technical ones. It is hoped, the members of DEIK could do business with the businessmen from Indonesia.

“We would make priority to DEIK to increase the economy of both countries. We would discuss it in detail with DEIK to give access to both countries to know and cooperate each other,” Iqbal said.

A Glance of Indonesia – Turkey

The total trade of Indonesia - Turkey in January--November 2019 reached US$ 1,38 billion, within the surplus US$ 733,73 million for Indonesia. While in 2018 the total trade reached US$ 1,79 billion. The exports from Indonesia reached US$ 1,18 billion, while the imports from Turkey reached US$ 611,52 million so the surplus US$ 569,85 was for Indonesia. The products of Indonesia in Turkey in 2018 reached 0,59 percent.

The main commodities of Indonesia to Turkey in 2018, were, crude palm oil (CPO), and its derivative (US$ 148 million), natural rubber (US$ 132 million), artificial staple fiber (US$ 112 million), synthetic staple fiber thread (US$ 108 million), and synthetic filament yarn (US$ 94 million).

While the main imports of Indonesia from Turkey in 2018, were, crude oil (US$ 254 million), unprocessed tobacco (US$ 35 million), carbonate (US$ 24 million), borate (US$ 22 million), and concentrate and chromium ore (US$ 11 million). In 2018, Turkey was the 39th biggest investor for Indonesia which reached US$ 3,7 million within 48 projects. (T2)


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