Transforming the Agricultural Industries to be More Sustainable

Co Founder of Olam Intenationa Ltd., Sunny George Verghese.
Transforming the Agricultural Industries to be More Sustainable

InfoSAWIT, BANGKOK – The increasing population in the world keeps urging the increasing food, wood, and cloth in the world. The nature should supply the needs in every single day. Unfortunately the nature does not keep developing but decreasing and getting narrower.

The increasing stock of food, wood, and cloth are uncontrolled.

Sunny George Verghese, the Co-Founder of Olam International Ltd., a food material supplier in the world said that it is time to do transition to get sustainability. The agriculture also contributes to the climate change.

He also said that it needs to understand that the world does not face the climate change challenge but is in climate emergency.

In some meetings in United Nations in New York, the climate change crisis is discussed intensively which is now in the climate emergency.

 “We only have the limits up to 2050 to change,” he said when speaking in the 17th Annual Roundtable Conference on Sustainable palm Oil (RT17) in Bangkok in the early of November 2019 and InfoSAWIT did attend.

The climate emergency is not something easy to touch. Until now the issue urges millions of people demonstrate to make sure that the young generations deserve the better future.

It also urged the collapse of conservation. It is shown that many plantation and animals starts to the extinction, and the raising of social issues. “There is only 1% of the world population having high income,” he said.

It is admitted or not, the agricultural system starts facing the damage because 25% of green – house gas emission are produced. Based on the global warming definition, the temperature increases 1,50C.It means that the increasing temperature in the earth would be extraordinary up to 2,5 times.

In general, the increasing temperature takes place in one century. But now it is faster ten times. “The increasing temperature up to 2,5 times could make the species, the plantations, the insects go to extinction. But RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) tries its best to prevent everything,” he said.

Every individual should be the agent of change so that every element in the society, starting from the businessmen, up to the government’s officers could change too. Actually 195 countries agreed with the sustainable development goals (SDGs). This is the sign that the countries in the world should be fast to face the challenges.(T2)

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