PAUD Bina Kasih Developed by PT Rohul Sawit Tries to be the Best in Riau

PAUD Bina Kasih Developed by PT Rohul Sawit Tries to be the Best in Riau

InfoSAWIT, ROKAN HULU – After getting the award in Riau level by getting the third rank as the Pengelola Sekolah Terbaik Tingkat Provinsi Riau on 23 April 2019, PAUD Bina Kasih now tries its best to increase the quality of education by making Character Building in the early age for the students.

As one school developed by Yayasan Bumitama in Region Rokan Hulu, BGA Group (PT Rohul Sawit Industri), PAUD Bina Kasih in Village of Sukadamai, Sub district of Ujung Batu, District of Rokan Hulu, Riau Provine makes some programs to increase the quality of education, such as, planting trees program in Hutan Diklat Bukit Suligi so that the (kindergarten) students love the environment, namely the green; and the plastic waste program in the school environment so that the students love the clean and have emphatic to the land pollution which gets more increasing because of the plastic usage.

“PAUD Bina Kasih runs the Model Sentra learnig; it is the approach of learning where the students plays in the ‘circumstance’ (Circle Times),” the company told, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

The circle is the place where the teachers together with the students sit together so that the teachers could be easier to tell the material of education to the students before and after playing that makes effective, active, creative, and fund learning system.

Of course, the teachers should adjust the characters of the kindergarten for they needs to play but there should be effective, creative, fund learning.

Based on the company, PAUD Bina Kasih keeps innovating to develop the educational progress in 2020 by targeting to improve the infrastructures so that the students could be more comfort to learn. Beside the teachers would tell the materials of education in English language. Some kinds of culture are created, such as, the students and teachers should start using English greetings in simple ways. (T2)


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