B30 Does not Take the Materials from the Smallholders

B30 Does not Take the Materials from the Smallholders

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – President Joko Widodo once spoke in 2019 that palm oil is potential to develop the vegetable energy through biodiesel, aviation, and green fuel.

In the progress, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource (EMR) increased the biodiesel mixture to diesel from 20 percent to 30 percent (B30). In its implementation, Wilmar Group gets 2,5 million liters as the allocation to PT. Pertamina. Wilmar itself gets the supply from other companies, not from the smallholders’ institutions (unions).

Serikat Pekerja Kelapa Sawit (SPKS) is sorry that the B30 supply that President Joko Widodo initiated, does not involve the people (smallholders) that could be positive for them,” General Secretary of SPKS, Mansuetos Darto said, as in the official statement to  InfoSAWIT.

SPKS hoped that in 2020, the government focused not to make or arranged the new policy for the people’s plantations but should make the real action for their interests. SPKS proposed some inputs that the government should consider.

The first is to multiply the indicator of the sustainable palm oil plantations in the biodiesel industries as the supplier within the condition, should have smallholders’ associations and have cultivation documents, which are put in the revision of regulation of minister of EMR about biodiesel so that the renewable energy program would be positive and directly be benefit for the smallholders.

The second is to manage the institutions which deal with the people’s plantations. There are three institutions that mostly deal with the people, they are, ministry of agriculture, coordinator ministry in economy, and palm oil plantation fund management agency (PFMA). The presence of PFMA as the actor in the plantations rises the coordination issue and disturbs the targets to get and also makes conflicts between PFMA and general directorate of plantation and many agencies in the districts.

The third is to multiply the smallholders’ representative in PFMA. For all these years, PFMA are controlled/managed by the people who deals with finance and the representatives from the palm oil industries but not from those who really understand about the palm oil and who could give solutions on the field issues.

The fourth is that RPJMN 2020-2024 should be arranged to the more strategic action and how to the field implementation, namely to develop the people’s corporate and new renewable energy through the people’s plantation empowerment.

The fifth is to stop the new planting by increasing the people’s productivity because from 16,3 million hectares, there could be 80 million tons of crude palm oil (CPO) production.

Deputy II, President’s Staff Office, Abet Nego Tarigan said that it needs the stronger smallholders’ institutions, the good financial support, and the smallholders need to know (and implement) the good agriculture practices.

“It also needs the available infrastructure, innovation of products, and equal cooperation. Indonesia has lots of potential, and needs to adjust the policy,” he said.

Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MEF) should notice the smallholders’ issues, namely in the forestry regions and it needs solution. “We carefully notice this issue because it relates not only with the regulation, but others, such as, economy, social, and politics,” the expert staff of minister of environment and forestry in agrarian conflict and mediation, Rivani Noor Machdjoeri said.

Rivani also told that in 2020 it is believed that the solution to the smallholders’ issues having the areas in the forestry regions would be better. The president told that there would be one map policy to publish in this year.

Within the policy which relates to the geospatial, the overlapping areas, the conflict issues, MEF could be more detail to get the solution. Hopefully this would improve the fortune, the income, and the lives of the smallholders in general in this country,” he said. (T2)


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