Astra Agro’s Plantations within 3 Digital Technologies

Astra Agro’s Plantations within 3 Digital Technologies

InfoSAWIT, BOGOR - PT.  Astra Agro Lestari Tbk., (AALI) keeps developing and making innovations in its operational to make the excellent works, such as, advantaging the 4.0 technology. The company has developed the digital application to ease and increase its operational works.

“Besides empowering the control function, the digitalization in the operational of Astra Agro is to analyze and decide what to do faster, better, and more accurate,” President Director of PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk., Santosa said when making routine dialogue wrapped in “Talk to the CEO” in Bogor recently where InfoSAWIT attended.

The first digital application is MELLI (Mill Excellent Indicator), it is about to put the data faster and more accurate within the indicators in the palm oil factories. The data supply is needed knowing that it is important to have accurate and faster data input to analyze and decide every issue in the factories.

The second is AMANDA. It stands for Aplikasi Mandor Astra Agro. It is about to answer the challenges in the operational which is based to the standards in Astra Agro.

The third one is DINDA or Daily Indicator of Astra Agro. This application focuses to the system model development to support the excellent operational concept. It is also about to facilitate the management to develop the efficient and effective works.

Every application is integrated through Operation Center of Astra Agro (OCA), which is the main system developed in the real time information. “Within the system, the feedback to the happening process in the field could be faster (to get) and there would be faster execution too (to make),” Santosa said. (T2)


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