Indonesia Accelerated the Trade Agreement with European Union

Indonesia Accelerated the Trade Agreement with European Union

InfoSAWIT, BRUSSELS – European Union (EU) did welcome the negotiation proposal between Indonesia and European Union – Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IEU – CEPA) that Indonesia proposed. This would be the positive signal to accelerate the accomplishment of IEU - CEPA.

Vice Minister of Trade, Indonesia, Jerry Sambuaga told that after meeting the EU Trade Commissioner, Phil Hogan in Brussels, Belgium, Tuesday (18/2/2020).

In the meeting, Jerry was with the Ambassador of Indonesia for Belgium, Luxemburg, and European Union, Yuri Thamrin, and Deputy of Coordinator Ministry in Food and Agriculture, Musdhalifah Machmud.

“The proposal agreement from Indonesia by Trade Commission of EU would be the important thing for the trade in Indonesia. Commissioner Hogan also reflected his spirit and commitment of EU to accomplish IEU – CEPA. The agreement would be the way to realize the interest of Indonesia in the international trade, namely in European,” Jerry said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

He thought that Indonesia proposed the proposal so that the negotiation would be accomplished in this year and would be positive to the businessmen and consumers for both sides.

In the meeting, Commissioner Hogan was happen to make dialogue with Indonesia and confirmed the hope of Vice Minister Jerry that IEU – CEPA could be accomplished in this year. Commissioner Hogan also supported Jerry that the agreement should not be postponed by the uncertain economic climate in the world because of politics and Brexit, trade issues, and conflicts in the World Trade Organization.

EU also promised to accomplish about the complaints from Indonesia as good as it could. In the reverse, Indonesia is hoped to deal with the complaints from EU namely about the alcohol and milk products.

The IEU – CEPA still faces the dynamic and intensive discussion. Both sides are optimist that everything would be solved well. (T2)


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