Sustainable Palm Oil Plantation at West Papua

Sustainable Palm Oil Plantation at West Papua

InfoSAWIT, MANOKWARI – The government of Papua Barat in cooperation with The Center For International Forestry Research (CIFOR) did workshop about Sustainable Palm Oil Plantation and the Socialization of President’s Instruction No. 6 / 2019 heading t the Sustainable Palm oil Trade, Wednesday (19/2/2020) in Swiss-Bel Hotel, Manokwari.

This was the follow up of what the governor of Papua Barat instructed on 19 October 2015 that the province declared and is committed to transform to be the first conservation province in Indonesia.

In October 2018 in Manokwari in the International Conference on Biodiversity, Ecotourism, and Creative Economy (ICBE) forum, Declaration of Manokwari was declared which is committed to the sustainable development based on the indigenous religion.

For it is in the synergy with the previous commitment, the socialization is hoped to give description to develop sustainable palm oil in the province and still maintain every aspect and rule in the spatial advantage to the conservancy. The most important is the palm oil development should welfare the people by keeping the conservation.

From what InfoSAWIT got from Food Plantation, Horticulture, and Plantation Agency, Papua Barat, the event was attended by 29 vertical and regional government’s instances about the business license to palm oil plantation business in the province and district level; 5 from academy, 18 from the palm oil plantation companies, the association of the smallholders, 31 from the development associations and non-government organizations, such as, Yayasan Econusa, CIFOR, WWF, IDH, WRI, DAEMETER, Conservation International, The Asia Foundation (TAF), and Greenpeace Indonesia. (T2)


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