Confirm the Smallholders’ Capacity through Smallholder Trainer Academy

Head of RSPO Smallholders’ Program, Ashwin Selvaraj/Photo: Doc. of RSPO
Confirm the Smallholders’ Capacity through Smallholder Trainer Academy

InfoSAWIT, BANGKOK – Besides the new standards publication, in the 17th Annual Roundtable Conference on Sustainable Palm Oil (RT17), it was launched the new initiative, that is, the Smallholder Trainer Academy (STA). The goal is to increase the available sources significantly for the smallholders globally.

By adopting the approach “Training of Trainer (ToT)”, RSPO hoped to cover more smallholders by the training of the best agricultural practices.

Head of Smallholders Program, RSPO, Ashwin Selvaraj, it is important to involve and increase the smallholders in the sustainable practice. They contribute much in the palm oil production globally. “We would give the opportunity to them by opening the training and development access,” he said in Bangkok.

By the ToT in the STA, it would be the chance for them to get the access of material in the future within partnership scheme. “We need to provide the chance to change their future,” he said.

The initiative is to encourage them heading to sustainable palm oil production. The target is the trainer in the region would have modal within the technical training to the smallholders in the groups and in the individual, and the full access on the curriculum and platform provided in the Smallholders Academy.

“In general, the learning process for the farmers would be about the good agricultural practice, and the environmental protection. They should start to manage the group,” Ashwin said. (T2)

This was once published in InfoSAWIT, December 2019


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