Forbidding Palm Oil Would Make New Issues

Forbidding Palm Oil Would Make New Issues

InfoSAWIT, BANGKOK - The girl of Banjarmasin, East Kalimantan thought that forbidding palm oil to use or to consume, as some countries claimed recently would make new problems.

It needs to think other solution. The first of three brothers (23) convinced that it would be the better solution to encourage the palm oil development sustainably in the future.

Of course, she continued, it needs to socialize the sustainable cultivation by informing or broadcasting (the sustainable practices) through social media. The girl also took the youths to consume sustainable products.

“I do hope that the companies could be more transparent, responsible and the consumers care about buying the products within Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) label,” she ended up the chit-chat with InfoSAWIT in Bangkok recently. (T2)

This was once published in InfoSAWIT, January 2020


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