Sustainable Production Makes Palm Oil Better

Sustainable Production Makes Palm Oil Better

InfoSAWIT, BANGKOK - The environment keeps being the issue with the palm oil plantation development nationally. This issue is always discussed with no end. This is the concern for Tiara Ellen Elyora (22) of Yogyakarta.

The graduate from Faculty of Law, Majoring Environment and Conservation thought that the environmental issue is something she pays attention to. In the recent days, there was fire in the forests and areas which was identical that it was caused by palm oil. “It is interesting for me to know the policies published by the central and regional government. I think, the policies are not in synergy that makes problems,” she recently said in Bangkok.

The first of three brothers really cares about the legal and palm oil plantation issues. For being so, she intentionally came to Jakarta to join the Asian Youths Summit together with other chosen friends.

In the previous she concentrated more to the Youth in Sustainability community in Yogyakarta but the sweet girl, as it is said, would be as the coordinator in the Youth in Sustainability nationally in Jakarta.

She really encourages that palm oil should be sustainably produced and it needs sustainable improvement in the industries to have better development without damaging the environment.

“By the sustainable production, the industries would give more advantages though it would not be easy to do,” she said. (T2)

This article was published in InfoSAWIT, January 2020


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