Double Advantages of Sustainable Certificates for the Smallholders

Double Advantages of Sustainable Certificates for the Smallholders

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -  Chairman of Gabungan Kelompok Tani (Gapoktan) Tanjung Sehati, Jalal Sayuti said that after five years getting the RSPO certificate, they got many advantages – not only the profits from the selling, but they also support to strengthen the organization and union by running other businesses. “We have increasing income and our union is running the seeding business. For the first phase, we produce and sell about 10 thousand sprouts,” he said.

This is the way to help the smallholders whose plantations are in the replanting program and they have certain superior seeds. This would be easy to buy. “Now we are trusted as one institution to do the replanting program and get the fund from Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA),” he said.

Gapoktan Tanjung Sehati in Village of Mekar Jaya, Sub district of South Tabir, District of Merangin, Jambi province has about 412 members within about 700 hectares or increased 100% compared to the previous five year – period which reached 214 members and about 300 hectares. In 2018 their FFB production reached 3.800 tons/year.

He continued that the selling of RSPO result was used to fund the certification and others, the incentives for the coordinators and the members. “We also develop other business, such as, FFB transportation. We have 3 trucks and the asset (land) reaching about 20.250 meters square,” he said.

He did hope that the Gapoktan could make the professional and independent smallholders. “By the RSPO certificate, our income would be more and the quality of the human resources would be too,” he said. (T2)


This article once published in InfoSAWIT, January 2020




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