Encouraging that Palm oil is Accepted in European Union

Encouraging that Palm oil is Accepted in European Union

It is admitted or not, palm oil has become the most popular source of food in the world. In 2017/2018 palm oil markets reached 31,2% of the total vegetable oil markets in the world. The needs of vegetable oil could be increasing because the world population in 2025 could be 8 billion men. The vegetable oil needs could be increasing up to 226,7 million tons or increasing about 36,4 million tons compared to 2017 which reached 190,22 million tons. In every single year, it is predicted that there would be needs about 4,56 million tons.

For the highest productivity up to 4 tons per hectare compared to other kinds of vegetable oil, palm oil could be the only vegetable oil that is planted in narrow areas. The palm oil deforestation campaign could be the reason for other countries.

It is the solution to fulfil the biodiesel needs in the world. Like or dislike, the European should get palm oil as the future source of energy. The data showed that the palm oil biodiesel development in European Union could be 143% or more than rapese . . . 

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