though it is predicted that there would be better climate, the palm oil could be slower to produce for the stakeholders did efficiency in the previous year. this could increase its price. but it is different from diesel which keeps expanding to fulfill the increasing stock. the oleo-chemical industries hit the gas price.

The cheaper crude palm oil (CPO) in the world in the early of 2018 to 2019 was not good for the industries nationally. In the first quarter of 2019 some companies should save the production cost, namely to buy the fertilizers.

The CPO got more expensive since September 2019 and reaching US$ 766/ton at the top.

Chairman of Indonesia Palm Oil Association (IPOA), Joko Supriyono told that the safe (to cultivate) in 2019 would influence the production in this year.

In 2019 the dry season took place longer and it was fast. The drought contributed to the decreasing production and would start in 8 months to 1,5 years since the drought.

In 2020 it is predicted that there would be smaller production that it in 2019. He could not tell how much the decreasing production would be but incrementally (increasing production) it would be slower.

If in general the increasing production could be up to 4 million tons in a year, in 2020, it would be not like it. “At least, it would decrease a half or lower that it in 2019,” he recently in Jakarta.

Actually the increasing productivity to boost the production could be done by the smallholders’ replanting program (SRP). But since 2017 when it firstly ran, there was no significant increasing production. The reason is that the production would be known after five years to go.

Though it is predicted that the production would decrease in 2020, palm oil industries in 2020 would be better. It is hoped that there would be better price. Some told that the CPO could be about US$ 650/ton – US$ 700/ton in 2020. (Read: Binoculars, InfoSAWIT, December 2 . . . .

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