Care about the Flood, Palm Oil Plantation Company in Ketapang Gave Helps and Health Care Service

Care about the Flood, Palm Oil Plantation Company in Ketapang Gave Helps and Health Care Service

InfoSAWIT, KETAPANG – As one concern of palm oil plantation company to the surroundings, Bumitama Gunajaya Agro (BGA) Group Region Nanga Tayap through its subsidiary, PT. Ladang Sawit Mas (LSM) gave the helps for the flood victims in Sub district of Muara Pawan and Sub district of Nanga Tayap, District of Ketapang.

The helps were daily needs and free medical check-up for people in four villages, they were, Village of Tanjung Medan, Village of Sungai Kelik, and Village of Simpang Tiga Sembelangaan in Sub district of Nanga Tayap and Village of Ulak Medang in Sub district of Muara Pawan on 5-8 February 2020

Regional Head BGA Group, Region Nanga Tayap, Jumadi said that the help distribution was the corporate social responsibility (CSR) to the flood victims in eight ‘dusun’ near Sungai Pawan in the surroundings of the company for they got fatal damages.

 “BGA Group distributed the helps, precisely in Dusun Karang Kumpang and Dusun Ulak Majo, Village of Tanjung Medan; Village of Sungai Kelik in Dusun Tanjung Perak, Dusun Muara Kayong, Dusun Sepahan; Village of Simpang Tiga Sembelangaan; and Village of Ulak Medang, Sub district of Muara Pawan,” he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

In the other spot, Head of Village of Ulak Medang, Isnaini said that the helps from the company were useful for those who got the damage. “We do appreciate because the company cares about the social situation of the people around,” he said.

Isnaini hoped that in the future, the good relationship between the company and the people which runs good could be better. “We are thankful. There is no flood anymore but it still gives influences namely for the old men and the little children,” she said.

Besides the social helps, PT Ladang Sawit Mas (LSM) also gave health service and free medicine to the local people, such as, checking the blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, gout, and other minor diseases.

Jumadi said that the help and health services were the real actions of the company to the people because the company is committed to make the people as the partners. He hoped that the helps could relieve their burden.

“The goal of the social helps is to keep the relation running well between the company and the people around. The helps were about free medicine to the victims who were hit by diseases, such as, skin disease, and others,” Jumadi said. (T2)


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