To Make Sure the Legal, SPKS Does the Area Mapping

To Make Sure the Legal, SPKS Does the Area Mapping

InfoSAWIT, SEKADAU – Serikat petani Kelapa Sawit (SPKS) keeps mapping and making data of the independent smallholders. The mapping is now focused in two districts, they are, Sekadau in West Kalimantan and Paser in East Kalimantan.

“This is part of accelerating to enlist Cultivation Documents for the smallholders and their palm oil plantation areas,” Membership and Organization Manager, SPKS, Sabarudin said, Tuesday (24/3/2020).

He also told that is done so that they have the legal (of their areas) and Cultivation Documents that could be listed in the plantation agency of the district.

“The mapping and the data of the smallholders would make them easier when discussing about the legal and cultivation documents. The mapping would know if one area belongs to our member or not and to know the areas are in the forest regions. Besides it is about to know that our members have or do not have the Land Documents still,” he said.

In 2020, SPKS would target, there would be 9 villages or 800 smallholders to get in the two districts.

It is planned that this would empower the institution, increase the smallholders’ human resources by making the training in good agricultural practices (GAP) and others.

This is also part of the service from the organization and about to prepare them to get Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) that should be mandatory. It means that the smallholders, willing or not, should get the ISPO certificate. “This is also done together with the plantation agency of the two district within the fund help of SPOS Indonesia,” he said. (T2)


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