When Darmin Managed Palm Oil Biodiesel

When Darmin Managed Palm Oil Biodiesel

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Though he is not the Coordinator Minister in Economy, Darmin Nasution would have something to do with the new renewable energy development in palm oil – base or known as the FAME.

The former minister famously called as ‘oppung’ or the honorable figure in Batak tribe played the important and central roles to develop biodiesel mandatory program.

He told that when he was asked to be one minister in Joko Widodo – Jusuf Kalla era, precisely in August 2015, he directly worked and focused to develop new renewable energy in Indonesia.

He did it because he questioned himself, why the program which runs since 2009 has no progress. After studying, it is revealed that there are many perspectives and consideration to run the program.

Some thought and suggested that the palm oil biodiesel mixture to diesel would be effective about 7,5% (B7,5). The experts suggested that it should not be used in the climate within less than 15 degrees. “I think, the climate in Indonesia is not that cold. I believe that the mixture could be more, 20%, 50% or 100%. No experts argued with that,” he said.  (T2)

This article once published in InfoSAWIT, February 2020


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