Hook Axe: The Simple Multipurpose - Tool

Hook Axe: The Simple Multipurpose - Tool

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - To produce crude palm oil (CPO) within high oil extraction rate (yield), there are some chains to control well in palm oil plantation. The chains are the CUT OFF, TRANSPORTATION, and PROCESS.

The Cut off is done by the harvester. The Transportation is done by truck/tractor, and the Process is done in palm oil factory (POF). Every process is potential to produce good CPO if it is done in the same day. If the harvesting process is longer than the cut off and the process, the free fat acid (FFA) level of CPO would be higher. Of course, it needs to be avoided.

Then besides the harvesting process above, the quality of fresh fruit bunch (FFB) which is sent to the POF has the important role to determine the quality of CPO. In the general standard, the FFB sent should be enough mature (not raw and not overripe). The FFB stalk should be cut off so that it will not be taken to the POF (there is no long stalk)

The Harvest Supervision

To ensure the quality of the FFB which is sent (transported) from the block, becomes one main goal in the harvest supervision. If it is described more, the harvest supervision is done to ensure some things, such as, the first, preventing to harvest the raw FFB. But if it is accidentally done, it should be not taken to the POF.

The second, preventing to harvest the overripe FFB and should not be taken to POF too. The third, ensuring the cut off the FFB stalk should be done in the block so that there is not long stalk taken to POF.

The fourth, ensuring every seed in the areas of the tree should be taken to the Gathering Place (GP). And ensuring the seed in the GP is taken to the POF.

The harvest supervision should be regularly done in three levels. The first, the Harvest Foreman; the second, Senior Harvest Foreman (the First Foreman); and the third is that the harvest supervision is done by Division Assistant. But if it is not regularly done, it could be done by the Head Assistant, Estate Manager, and even General Manager.

The tools which are usually used in the harvest supervision are axe, hook, and cleaver. Unfortunately, the tools have their own functions.

For example, axe and cleaver are to cut off. The hook is used to crochet. That is why the employees always separately bring the tools. Of course this will be a mass when harvesting.

Based on the experience, it needs innovation to ease the harvest supervision. The simple innovation is called hook axe. The first idea was told by our leader in the company I work in. He is Riodyxman Sagala.


The goal when making it is to create a tool which could do every lack of tool when harvest supervision is done. It is to increase the quality of process. (Muhammad Ramadan Pohan/ Technic Manager of PT USTP)


This article once published in InfoSAWIT, January 2017


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