The Dry Season is ahead; The Effects for Palm Oil Plantation

The Dry Season is ahead; The Effects for Palm Oil Plantation

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - The effects of El Nino will be significant to the national palm oil production, namely to the farmers. So it is better to know and understand, what really happens if it comes.


According to PT Riset Perkebunan Nusantara (RPN), the indication of El Nino is the drought in palm oil areas within the parameters, such as, the raining is lack of 1250 mm/year and/or the water deficit is bigger than 200 mm/year and/or it is hot in every month (the rain < 60 mm/month) > 3 months, and / or many days are not raining > 20 days.


Then, the drought will generally make serious issues for the palm oil plantation because it disturbs the development, the flowers growth, the fruit production, and the yield gets smaller in number.


According to Agro-climatology Team, Soil and Agronomy Science, Pusat Penelitian  Kelapa Sawit, the El Nino will be known by the emergence of the flower (decreasing the sex ratio) and will decrease the fruit stock.


The flower will die, namely in the immature plants (3 – 5 years of age). Then, the stem will be failed to grow.


It is proven that the drought could fail the stem to grow. The quality of the fruit could too. The drought could accelerate the fruit mature. The fruit will be smaller, and in seed form so the maturation will be faster about 1 month. These are the technic and physical appearance.


El Nino could effect to the environment in the plantation, for example, the rats will come, and the cover crops and the soft weed will be more pressed.


El Nino could also influence the price and market costs. The Agro-climatology Team cs. noted, the workers’ salary and the nursing costs in the nursery process will be increasing too. Though the needs of workers and the nursery costs of mature and immature plantation tend to decrease, it is admitted or not, El Nino influence the CPO price.


So it needs to anticipate. Agro-climatology, Kelti Ilmu Tanah and Agronomy, PPKS thought, there should be technical steps before and after the drought happens. (T2)


This article once published in InfoSAWIT, February 2016


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