Plastic Made of Palm Oil is Environmental

Plastic Made of Palm Oil is Environmental

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - The crude oil plastic, in every single day, makes troubles for the environment though it has contributed a lot to the life style because of its durability, elasticity, and the thermal characteristic which are very helpful to mankind.

The plastic material has been integral part of our daily lives. It is nearly impossible to live normally without plastic, starting from the cloth and the car.

Every electronic device uses plastic component. The boys and girls play the plastic toys and spent their first year using plastic diapers.

The dependency on plastic shows that plastic is better for it is safe, flexible, durable, and economical. Unfortunately, synthesis plastic is hard to get rid of because it is lack of the natural enzyme and efficient biological process to destroy in the nature. When burning the plastic, it will produce dangerous gas for the environment, for example, the dangerous chemical material, such as, cyanide hydrogen. The world is now trying to get the more environmental plastic.


One kind of it is polyhydroxyalkonoates (PHAs). It is interesting polyesther which could be synthetized by kinds of bacteria. Lots of researchers whole over the world have studied PHA.


There have been studies to make more environmental plastic material, such as, from the natural vegetable oil, namely from palm oil to produce PHA.


Palm oil is the most efficient kind of vegetable oil in the world. Now it is produced by two biggest producers in Southeast Asia, they are Indonesia and Malaysia.


Palm oil industries could produce many kinds of derivative products and the waste is full of fatty acid, and it is potential to develop for being the material to biotechnology application, such as, PHA, by making the microbe fermentation.

The study showed that PHA from the vegetable oil is better than the PHA produced from sugar or other materials. Besides using the environmental products, it needs to consider PHA production in the industrial scale. The most important thing is that the sustainability in the conversion process of the palm oil material to be PHA.


This book is one way to describe every opinion about the challenges to use palm oil to produce PHA.  (T2)


This article once published in InfoSAWIT, June 2016


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