Koalisi Buruh Sawit: The Circular from Ministry of Labors Does Not Take Side to the Labors

Koalisi Buruh Sawit: The Circular from Ministry of Labors Does Not Take Side to the Labors

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Koalisi Buruh Sawit concerned that the corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic and the circulars from minister of labor could be the reasons for the company not to give the obligation – the holiday allowance.

The Coordinator of Koalisi Buruh Sawit, Zidane said that in the Covid-19 pandemic, his side knew that there are some palm oil plantations in West Kalimantan would pay the holiday allowance in phase.

In East Kalimantan, some plantations orally told to the labors that the company would pay it in credit until December 2020. In South Kalimantan some plantations would pay it in phase for eight times.

Some freelance in the plantations in Bengkulu and South Sumatera told to get the holiday allowance to the company but it is not clear until now. “The pandemic could be the reason for the companies not to pay the holiday allowance,” he said, as in the written official statement to InfoSAWIT

Ismet Sinoni from Gabungan Serikat Buruh Independen (GSBI) told that the circulars from ministry of labor legitimated the companies not to do, postpone, or pay the obligation (the holiday allowance) in phase. This would be the loss for the labors.

“The circulars does not answer what the labors face in the Covid-19 pandemic. The holiday allowance is normative, which means, there is nothing to discuss. The circulars should be revoked. The government should exist to guarantee that the labors got the holiday allowance 100% right on time – not in phase,” he told.

Ridho from Serikat Buruh Perkebunan Indonesia (SERBUNDO) told that the government should guarantee the rights’ fulfillment of the labors. Palm oil industries until now keep operating and so the labors do too.

“We do understand the impacts of the health and economy because of Covid-19. In this situation, the government should fulfill the normative rights of the palm oil labors. The budget of holiday allowance should have prepared in the previous years for the companies have the obligation. Do not let the pandemic be the reason not to pay or credit the holiday allowance,” he said. (T2)




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