Negative Campaigns Would Threaten Palm oil Investment in Indonesia

Negative Campaigns Would Threaten Palm oil Investment in Indonesia

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The rise of negative campaigns have influenced the palm oil industries as the strategic ones nationally. Chairman of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), Joko Supriyono said that kinds of issues are parts of black campaigns in the vegetable oil trade globally. He also said that the negative campaigns would be negative to the palm oil domestic investment.

He also mentioned that there has been new investment phenomenon globally which presses the domestic palm oil industries. The banks in the world, from Europe, and America have decided to reject to give loan to these industries as the pillars of economy in Indonesia.

“For all these years, palm oil industries proposed the loan to some banks in Asia, such as, Japan, China, and Korea. In the last two years, the Japanese banks did not give credit to palm oil industries because the non – government organizations pressed them or from the widespread negative campaigns,” Joko said in #INAPalmOil Talkshow which Forum Komunikasi Sawit (FKS) proposed and InfoSAWIT recently did attend.

He continued that the campaigns which the government of Indonesia and the stakeholders did are not optimal yet while the other kinds of vegetable oil producers keep rising the negative ones, name in Europe.

As what Joko said, the Ambassador of Indonesia for Federal Republic of German,  Arif Havas Oegroseno concerned to the palm oil negative campaigns, namely in Indonesia. The diplomat who worked for more than 30 years told that Indonesia should have long term strategy to face the negative ones. (T2)

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