The Industries Have no Qualified Campaign Strategies Yet

The Industries Have no Qualified Campaign Strategies Yet

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – To inform the right ones about palm oil development in Indonesia, the Ambassador of Indonesia in Federal Republic of German, Arif Havas Oegroseno said that Indonesia needs the clear strategies to do palm oil campaigns. “We should not be reactive but should be pro-active, offensive, and smartly aggressive,” he said in the online discussion which InfoSAWIT recently did join.

He told that palm oil industries need the sustainable and structured strategies to face the long term game which presses the industries. He thought that for all these years, the campaigns were not optimal yet. There are some things to do, such as, the first is to do the domestic front. In this case, the collaboration between the government and the domestic stakeholders should run to support the structured campaigns in the international level.

The second is to optimize the foreign front through the legal and investment campaigns. Havas gave example, the companies in Indonesia and Malaysia which invested in Europe should collaborate to do diplomacy to the government and the local people as the structured campaigns.

The third is legal campaigns could be the strategic ones that attack the anti-palm oil sides. He thought that Indonesia should be firm to sue the companies, the food-courts, and supermarkets which put label ‘No Palm Oil’ (in the products they sell). The legal sue would show that Indonesia as the palm oil producer is firmly protect its strategic commodity.

“To do the campaign abroad, Indonesia and Malaysia as the producers should put aside the internal competition but struggle for the palm oil together,” Havas said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), Joko Supriyono said that the pressure from the other countries keeps getting more and more with new issues to discredit palm oil industries.

The negative campaigns from the NGO make the banks in Europe and America not gave credits to the stakeholders. This would be the loss for the palm oil industries in Indonesia. (T2)


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