Chosing Palm Oil for easy to develop

Chosing Palm Oil for easy to develop

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Jambi has been famously known as a rubber producer for years. But the rubber plantations which mostly belong to the people are always up and down in the selling process. As the result, Jambi has changed kinds of plantation, starting from the rubber to be palm oil.

Based on the Head of Sub district in duty of Sebo Ilir, District of Batang Hari, Sanusi, the people know palm oil is a better kind of plantation rather than others, such as, rubber. The nursery and the harvest are easier to do and could give profits up to the next 25 years in one cycle.


For palm oil has kinds of superiority, the people in the sub district choose to cultivate palm oil. Some men in the sub district even substitute their previous plantation to be palm oil.


“The people here plant palm oil in their own areas rather than planting others,” Sanusi said.


Their willingness to plant palm oil is the dynamic of plantation activity in Jambi Province. They trust their friends’ experiences who have planted palm oil in the first place. Their friends are better in economy rather than those who do not planted it yet.


One story was told by a villager who was difficult to earn his living if he depended on rubber plantation. Compared to his neighbour who plants palm oil, his neighbour is better. From the experience, the other villagers are triggered to plant palm oil.


Though Jambi Province only has 100 thousand hectares of palm oil areas, but there are other potencies of palm oil to be developed. It is proven to give sustainable success for the smallholders in the province. It now has the increasing level of economy, and the better social and environment.


The smallholders’ palm oil plantations should be supported by the country’s and the private plantation companies. The companies should have palm oil factories too to process the fresh fruit bunch (FFB).


This will directly process the plantation well in the upstream sector, starting from the enlargment and the palm oil process until the harvest becoming crude palm oil (CPO) in a region. This is the sustainable enlargment pattern which could develop the economy in one region. (T1)


This article once published in InfoSAWIT, March 2017


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