Willing to Continue Palm Oil Plantation

Willing to Continue Palm Oil Plantation

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Suhar has known palm oil from his teen age. He is grateful for what his parents have done after planting palm oil. Thinking of his previous life in Central Java which was lack of everything, as a plasma smallholder, it changes his life to be better.


Suhar also helped his parents in his teen age. He also cultivated the plantation. The expensive or cheap FFB price becomes something priceless to learn.


As long as he recognized, the FFB got the most expensive price in 1998. They had double income. Many smallholders were out of control and bought everything. But he got different experience from his parents.


“In the year, the FFB was very expensive. But my parents just saved money,” he said.


His parents were thankful on the better price. But in the end, when the FFB price decreased in the early of 2000s, they could buy the other plantation which were not too far from their living. This makes them have other areas, reaching 10 hectares, out of the plasma plantation.


Though he passed vocational school only, but Suhar has better life. As the oldest son, he chooses to help his parents in cultivating palm oil areas.


From the cultivation, he could help his two brothers graduating their education. Now his two younger brothers are married and work. They stay in Jambi city having regular salary in every month.


Suhar and his family choose to live near his parents to help them cultivating the palm oil plantation. The income from cultivating palm oil is enough for the big families.


“I choose to live in the village to help my parents in cultivating our palm oil plantation,” he said.  (T1)

This article once published in InfoSAWIT, March 2017



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