The Labors of PT Suryabumi Tunggal Perkasa Did Strike

The Labors of PT Suryabumi Tunggal Perkasa Did Strike

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Hundreds of labors of PT Suryabumi Tunggal Perkasa, the subsidiary of Eagle High Plantation Group in South Kalimantan did strike because the company paid their holiday allowance in credit without no agreement with the labor union.

For information, the Circular about Giving the Holiday Allowance by the company in the pandemic of corona virus (Covid-19) No.  M/6/HI.00.01/V/2020 to the governor in Indonesia and signed by Minister of Labor, Ida Fauziyah on 6 May 2020 required that there should be dialog process between the stakeholders and the labors/workers.

Chairman of Serikat Pekerja Perkebunan Intan Estate (SPBUN-EHP), Taufik Donatan said that the company runs the policy withoug listening to what the union wants. “The company runs the policy – pay the allowance in credit for 8 times starting from May to December 2020 without any agreement with the union. In the bipartite or tripartite negotiation, the management of the company claimed to pay the allowance in credit and that was the final decision and no more dialog with the union,” he said, as in the official written statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

He also mentioned that the company ignored the regulation about the Religious Holiday Allowance that required, if the allowance is late or postponed to pay, it is obliged to make dialog and agreement with the labors’ union. “We do strike until the company fulfills our claim. We want that the 2020 allowance should be paid twice within detail, in the first phase, it should be 70 percent and the second one should be 30%,” he said.

The observer of labor, Andi Akbar (Trade Union Rights Centre/ TURC) urged PT Suryabumi Tunggal Perkasa to hear and do dialog with the union. “The allowance is the regular obligation of the company and it is the normative rights of the labors.  If the company claimed to pay the allowance in credit for 8 times as the final decision without negotiating with the union, it is one decision that put the union and the rights of the labors aside to do dialog,” Andi said.

The Coordinator of Koalisi Buruh Sawit, Zidane said that the situation in PT Suryabumi Tunggal Perkasa is one evidence that the normative rights of the labors in palm oil plantations have no guarantee to get. “We know that the circulars published by minister of labors to be paid in phase have sacrificed the labors. Koalisi Buruh Sawit in the previous concerned that the circular would give gap to the companies not to pay their obligation and PT Suryabumi Tunggal Perkasa proved it. The union told that the company paying in credit because the finance and the selling decreased in the first quarter of 2020. But based on the financial report released to the media, PT EHP increased the selling up to 15,74 %,” Zidane said. (T2)



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