When Pandemic Occurs, Develop Palm Oil Together

When Pandemic Occurs, Develop Palm Oil Together

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The spread of corona virus (Covid-19) in the world really hits the economy nationally, including palm oil and its derivative business. The stakeholders do whatever it takes to stop the spread of Covid-19. Though it is not easy, the stakeholders and others keep fighting for developing palm oil industries together.

Though getting loss in business, the palm oil has big power to sustain and solve to prevent it. Many industries and smallholders in many regions prioritize partnership with the regional government and the people around.

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It is not easy to anticipate this virus because there are lots of victims. The anticipation ran, such as, limiting the works (activity) in the plantations, spraying disinfectant, doing quarantine in regions and others that very side needs to support.

Besides anticipating the impacts of corona, palm oil plantations keep doing the sustainable practices because man needs it as the food and non-food oil. Every side should be together to produce palm oil as the man’s needs.

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Palm oil in the global markets is in fluctuation because of the cheaper price. Though it gets cheaper because of the lack of demand, the price tends to stable and be profitable to trade though there are lots of challenges. (Editorial InfoSAWIT, April 2020)


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