Cargill Prioritizes The Safety of the Workers

Cargill Prioritizes The Safety of the Workers

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - In May 2017, Cargill invited Verite, the advance non-profit organization which focuses to increase the work condition and social in the chain supply globally, to assess the workers in PT Harapan Sawit Lestari in West Kalimantan. The assessment was done in two plantations and two factories which covered the labor aspects, human rights, compensation, hours, health, and safety. Verite appreciated some best practices in safety, career development, education system, involvement/participation of workers, and accuracy in documentation.

In Cargill, health and work safety are the bases of the operational. The programs are consistently implemented in every plantation. “We implement the tight ways – the special prevention procedures with what the government has done. It is planned that Cargill would globally minimize the risks of epidemic of corona virus (Covid-19),” Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Cargill Tropical Palm, Richard Low said.

These would be done by checking the visitors’ temperature (both the workers and the contractors), implementing the distance (1 to 2 meters) when working, providing the paramedic, doctors in the location within emergency protocols which are the same with the government’s protocols.

The company actively communicates to every worker and contractor through many communication channels to make sure that they always have good understanding about the risks of Covid-19

Richard Low also mentioned that Cargill would always monitor the situation in Indonesia and in the global, introduce the new adjustable ways, and harmonize the national regulations. “We make sure that every operational in our plantations is the safe place for every employers and contractor. Whatever they do, you could see our statement about the pandemic of Covid-19,” he told.

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