KSP Karya Mandiri Supports Sustainable Palm Oil

KSP Karya Mandiri Supports Sustainable Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The alternative to develop the independent economy done by the independent smallholders, as a matter of fact, could give the positive. Kinds of trainings run after they got increasing production and economy besides fulfilling the others’ needs.

The decision to run independent economy by making koperasi simpan pinjam (KSP) has supported some training programs of KSP Karya Mandiri. Some members got the advantages of the programs.

In KSP the cash given to the members in the form of loan would not be returned by waiting for it but the members would be developed to be able to manage the fund well. The advantages of the programs are as follows:


Support the Small Scale Business of the Smallholders

There are dozen families breeding catfish. For information, Jambi province needs 8 tons of catfish per day or 240 tons per month. It means that the catfish is really needed there and it is a promising business. The smallholders and the farmers develop 25 catfish pools within detail one pool has 3000 small catfish. It takes 40 days to harvest (the fish).

To ease the farmers (smallholders), KSP Karya Mandiri also helps to open the marketing access in Jambi so that the catfish supply in Jambi derives from the farmers’ family. To breed catfish, the farmers should borrow Rp 10 million from KSP Karya Mandiri within the interest rate, 1,2% (low) in every single month. The net profits that the smallholders could get would be about 570 thousand rupiah per month. The numbers have not calculated the other needs.

Besides, KSP also gave loans for the smallholders to breed hens. KSP keeps developing them. By the continuous development, some members have enjoyed their business process. (T2)

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