The Rich Men of Palm Oil

The Rich Men of Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Though it is in the corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic, it does not mean that the virus reduces the income of the rich men in the world. The rich men in Indonesia do too. They might be familiar for the people.

Forbes Real Time Billionaires, Monday (29/6/2020) published that the wealthy men in Indonesia are mostly from the conglomerates having palm oil plantation business, for instance, the Hartono brothers who are consistently as the first rank of the wealthiest men in Indonesia.

Budi Hartono got wealthier up to US$ 3,7 billion or about Rp 52,5 billion (if 1 dollar is Rp 14.200) in the last three months. Michael Hartono got better in the same numbers, reaching US$ 3,7 billion in the last three months.

Many years ago, the two brothers continued their father’s business, Djarum Gramophon or famously known as “Djarum”. Through Djarum Group, the two brothers expand the business out of cigarette, such as, palm oil plantation. Through PT Hartono Plantations Indonesia (HPI Agro), The Hartono now has wide palm oil plantations.

Chairul Tanjung who is famous by the media got wealthier from US$ 3,1 in the last three months, reaching US$ 3,1 billion. His business capability is showed up by making Trans Corp which broadcasts Trans TV and Trans 7. He did acquire Bank Tugu which now turns to be Bank Mega, and did property business too.

Through CT Corp which was Para Group, Chairul Tanjung is crowned as the sixth wealthiest people and also does palm oil plantation business. In 2008 through CT Global Resources, Chairul Tanjung officially has run palm oil business.

The next is Martua Sitorus. He was one founder of biggest palm oil company in the world, Wilmar International. But in July 2018, Martua Sitorus should step back one week after Greenpeace revealed his involvement to the deforestation practices through palm oil plantation company, Gama Plantation which was Gandasawit Utama. His brother in law, Hendri Saksti as the Head of Wilmar in Indonesia also stepped back from the business.

From what InfoSAWIT knew, Gandasawit Utama could have 350 thousand hectares (ha) in some regions in Indonesia. Of the numbers, about 150 hectares have been planted by palm oil within 50 thousand hectares of productive plantations. The rests, about 150 thousand hectares have no activity still. (T2)


Here are the Wealthiest People in Palm Oil Sector

1. Budi Hartono - US$ 17,3 billion or equal to Rp 245,66 billion. (the first in Indonesia)

2. Michael Hartono - US$ 16,6 billion or equal to Rp 235,72 billion. (the second in Indonesia)

3. Chairul Tanjung - US$ 3,6 billion dollar or equal to Rp 51,12 billion. (the sixth in Indonesia)

4. Martua Sitorus - US$ 1,9 billion or equal to Rp 26,98 billion. (the seventh in Indonesia)

5. Peter Sondakh - US$ 1,6 billion or equal to Rp 22,72 billion. (the ninth in Indonesia)

6. Theodore Rachmat - US$ 1,4 billion or equal to Rp 19,88 billion. (the tenth in Indonesia)

7. Sukanto Tanoto - US$ 1,4 billion or equal to Rp 19,88 billion. (the eleventh in Indonesia)

8. Murdaya Poo - US$ 1,2 billion or equal to Rp 17,4 billion. (the thirteenth in Indonesia)


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