To Prevent the Fire, PT SSMS Made Petani Peduli Api APKSM

To Prevent the Fire, PT SSMS Made Petani Peduli Api APKSM

InfoSAWIT, KALTENG – Heading to the dry season and the threat of fire in the forest and areas, Fire Manajemen Sustainability Team of PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana Tbk (SSMS) made Tim Peduli Api, Asosiasi Petani Kelapa Sawit Mandiri (APKSM).

It was made by doing training to detect the hotspot through the phone application so that the independent smallholders – the members of APKSM are easy to implement it. In the training held in the office of APKSM in Village of Kadipi Atas, Tuesday (7/7/2020), the smallholders were also trained to extinguish the fire.

It was joined by the coordinators of APKSM and the representatives of the independent smallholders from Village of Kadipi Atas and Sungai Rangit Jaya.

Joko Karyawan, one member of Village of Sungai Rangit Jaya said that the training is very good because he knows the hotspot easily and could be seen from his home through his cellular phone (android). He also checked the coordinate, and knew how far the hotspot was through the digital map which was installed in the first place.

The training instructor, Asnawi told that the application that SSMS designed for APKSM was simply made so that the members could applied it. The goal is that each member would be aware of monitoring the fire in each area and the Tim Peduli Api APKSM could immediately minimize the potential of the fire.

Chairman of APKSM, YB. Zainanto Hari Widodo said that by joining the sustainable scheme of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), the independent smallholders as the members of APKSM could be skillful ones and better, not only to increase the production but also be better in the training programs that the developers or partners of APKSM would give, such as, Forum Kelapa Sawit Berkelanjutan Indonesia (Fortasbi) and RSPO

“In this training, PT SSMS also helped APKSM by giving a complete set of water pump to extinguish the fire,” Zainanto Hari Widodo said.  (T2)

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