PTPN II Does the Persuasive and Peaceful Solution about the Bekala Area Conflict

PTPN II Does the Persuasive and Peaceful Solution about the Bekala Area Conflict

InfoSAWIT, MEDAN – PT. Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) II always does the persuasive approach and peaceful solution by making dialogue and involving the stakeholders from the leaders in one region and the figures of the local people to solve every area conflict. This is about to prevent the long term conflict that could be the loss for many.

“The management of PTPN II always does dialogue with every group of the society to solve every area conflict peacefully and sustainably,” Director of PTPN II, Marisi Butar-butar said in Medan, Tuesday (14/7/2020), as in the official written statement to InfoSAWIT.

He hoped that the law enforcement which had been done and the agreement with the society who claimed their rights on Business Rights on Bekala area (plantation) which also involved the leaders and law officers should be obeyed to have the conducive situation without any conflict in the society. In this case, the company has tried to solve the case for a very long time by involving the stakeholders to get the peaceful solution and should depend on the available regulations.

He also told that the publication of Business Rights No.171/Simalingkar A covering 854,26 hectares, was once claimed by Forum Kaum Tani Lau Cih in the Administrative Court in Medan. But the case was sentenced by cassation of Constitutional Court of Indonesian Republic No. 5K/TUN/2020. The point is that the sentence confirmed the sentence of Administrative Court in Medan and Administrative Court which sentenced that the claim is not available on the unilateral claim from Forum Kaum Tani Lau Cih.

He also explained that PTPN II does care about the people around Bekala plantation who want to move and hand over the areas to PTPN II by donating them in phase. This is the agreement with leaders and North Sumatera Legislators.

“The area acquisition since 2017 to 2019 involved the leaders, security, and law officers. During the period, PTPN II also donated or compensated to 199 families which covered 356.093 m2,” he told.

PTPN II as the government’s company sustainably does many corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities for the people, such as, giving daily needs who are hit by corona virus (Covid-19) in Medan and around and in cooperation with the regional government of Medan. (T2)

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