The Claim of Indonesia to EU about Palm Oil in WTO Would Hit the Score

The Claim of Indonesia to EU about Palm Oil in WTO Would Hit the Score

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The policy published by European Union Parliament in Renewable Energy Directive II (RED II) which was officially running in 2019 might be the political will to discriminate palm oil from Indonesia. As a matter of fact, in RED II, palm oil of Indonesia is stated not to fulfill the European Union standards for raising deforestation and high risk Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC).

The RED II implementation would clearly block the biofuel exports in palm oil – base from Indonesia to the countries in European Union. The government of Indonesia claimed this to World Trade Organization (WTO) in December 2019.

The Embassador/Permanent Representative of Indonesia for the United Nations, WTO, and other organizations in Geneva, Hasan Kleib, is optimist to win the claim. “The government of Indonesia took the issue for many times, as the specific trade concern in the WTO meetings. Unfortunately when being intervened, European Union always stated that RED II is the same with the regulation in WTO,” he said in online seminar which InfoSAWIT joined, Wednesday (15/7/2020).

Not only that, Indonesia also claimed European Union by publishing Commission Delegated Regulation (DR) and French fuel tax. The three regulations are the discriminatory of European Union to Indonesia, namely to palm oil industries. The negotiation between both sides which has no result would do other negotiation to panel submission which is hoped to encourage Indonesia to revise every policy which discriminates palm oil industries.

Hasan thought that Indonesia needs to make better palm oil diplomacy, needs to develop the positive information which has something to do to the social, economy, and environment directly and indirectly. It also needs to develop and confirm the data as the strong base of diplomacy to the European Union discrimination. (T2)

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