Asosiasi Petani Berkah Mandah Lestari (AP BML) Helped the People Hit by Covid-19

Asosiasi Petani Berkah Mandah Lestari (AP BML) Helped the People Hit by Covid-19

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - The independent smallholders joining in Asosiasi Cahaya Putra Harapan in Sub district of Maro Sebo Ilir, District of Batang Hari, Jambi Province has 186 independent smallholders, consist of 8 groups in 6 villages and 2 sub districts.

This association got the sustainable palm oil certificate of Rountable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2018. But in the corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic, they could share the incentive from RSPO certificate to prevent the spread of Covid-19, help the people and the members in the form of daily needs.

To prevent the Covid-19 pandemic, the association helped by giving 2 temperature tools; four complete sets of self-protection tools and disinfectant. In the daily needs, the association gave 300 packages in total which consisted of 218 packages and 82 packages for the villagers.

Chairman of Asosiasi Petani Berkah Mandah Lestari, Ardiansyah said that besides giving the daily needs, the association also gave operational helps for the groups. He thought that the association concerned about the independent smallholders’ burdens.

“Though it (the package) is not expensive, the big issue would be light if others get the same feeling. Like the proverb said, many hands make light work,” Ardiansyah said. (written by: YB Zainanto Hari Widodo)

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