Palm Oil is Full of Nutrition as the Healthy Source of Food

Palm Oil is Full of Nutrition as the Healthy Source of Food

INFOSAWIT, JAKARTA – Palm oil consists of nutritious healthy fat which has no trans fatty acid (TFA) or hydro-generate fat. Besides, each liter of palm oil has 20 percent of Vitamin A, tocopherol anti-oxidant, and tokotrienol. Palm oil could be good for the health in right daily usage.

It is also the vegetable oil having saturated and unsaturated oil, Vitamin E, beta-carotene, and anti-oxidant. Besides having full of nutrition, palm oil derives from the most efficient plants of other kinds of vegetable oil.

Planting palm oil in one hectare could produce crude palm oil (CPO) for about 3,8 tons per year while the other kinds of vegetable oil, such as, soybean, sunflower, and rapeseeds could produce less than 1 ton per year. Besides being efficient, palm oil is essential to develop the economy nationally because 3 billion people in 150 countries consume the products within palm oil.

General Manager of Apical Marunda, Lim Teck Guan said that the palm oil is full of fat and vitamins. The unpurified CPO consist of 60 milligrams (mg) to 100 mg of vitamin E per 100 gram. It has 50% - 65% in average of vitamin E after purification. “70% of vitamin E in palm oil consists of tokotrienol,” he said in online discussion which InfoSAWIT joined, Monday (27/7/2020).

He also mentioned that the other kinds of vegetable oil, such as, corn, olive, soybean, and sunflower are the good sources of tokotrienol. It works faster as the anti-oxidant (the substance to prevent the damage or dead cell, the DNA damage, and the cause of cancer or tumor from the free radical in human body). “It is useful to protect the brain from the double unsaturated fat and dementia, minimize the stroke risks, and prevent the brain tumor to develop,” he said.

In the daily activity, palm oil could be not only as cooking oil but also be the materials for butter, ice cream, chocolate, soap, instant noodle, biodiesel, and cosmetics. For information, Apical Marunda produces daily needs in the form of butter, such as, Vitas, Medalia, and cooking oil, such as, Camar, Harumas, and Frybest.(T2)


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