In the Pandemic, Palm Oil Company Encouraged the People’s Food Security

In the Pandemic, Palm Oil Company Encouraged the People’s Food Security

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The spread of Covid-19, as a matter of fact, could influence the people’s economy. To minimize the impact, though for the people out of Java Island, the spread is not massive still, it needs to prevent it.

For instance, it is done by increasing the food security together with the people around the palm oil plantations. This is about to anticipate if the regional government suddenly implements local lockdown.

Head Corporate Affair BGA Central Kalimantan, Iwan Kusnandar said that his side has prepared the bad scenario if the local PSBB run in the area, such as, by  increasing the food security through Koperasi Unit Pelayanan Sembako (UPS) which is in cooperation with the local farmers who sell the food products. This is the same with the Circulars published by the Regent of Kotim No.500/141/Ek.SDA/III/2020.

 “The company has prepared and advantaged the empty areas to be planted by fruits and vegetable, prepared the livestock, made the pools, prepared the seeds and we have distributed to the people to cultivate,” he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

He also mentioned that some subsidiaries of BGA Group in the province, such as, PT KMB, PT LMS, PT TTL, PT WNL, PT WNA, PT WNS, and PT NKU in Sub districts of Cempaga, Cempaga Hulu, Telaga Antang, and Antang Kalang, have done the anticipation too. “We do the best to anticipate if the Covid-19 keeps happening until fasting days,” he said.

Unit Pelayanan Sembako (UPS) supports not only the food security or the workers in the Covid-19 pandemic but also guarantees the food stocks in normal prices. (T2)

This article once published in InfoSAWIT, May 2020


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