Sinar Mas Targeted to Accomplish 100% Traceability of FFB Sources

Sinar Mas Targeted to Accomplish 100% Traceability of FFB Sources

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The sustainability report “Staying the Course” belonging to Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food managed by Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) discussed about the commitment of the company to implement the Kebijakan Sosial dan Lingkungan GAR (KSLG).

Published in the corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic, the report also presented the highlights of what the company did to support their workers and the people during the pandemic.

Managing Director Sustainability, Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food, Agus Purnomo said that staying the course is the right thing to do because the company keeps doing the sustainable practices in business and reaching the wider supply chain.

“It has been five years since we launched KSLG. This is the big efforts of the company, such as, traceability to the plantation, chain supply transformation, and the sustainability to cut off and stop the deforestation in our production. These showed the good significant progress,” he said in the online media gathering that InfoSAWIT joined, Tuesday (4/8/2020).

He also mentioned that the transformation in industrial scale, such as, palm oil, faces lots of challenges. This could be reached by the daily field activity. It needs collaboration and supports from other stakeholders – our employers, suppliers, customers, those who have capital, and the consumers. “We have the same responsibility to stick our goals,” he said.

For information, the sustainability report of Sinar Mas also discussed that it is hardly 80% of TPP in the supply chain. This is based on the early goals, that is, TPP would fully be realized by the end of 2020 (though it was postponed because of Covid-19 pandemic).

The supply chain transformation supported by traceability would keep going through many deeper involvement and capacity development programs of the company. The workshop about traceability, responsible labor practices, and the implementation of agreement on the early information without force or persetujuan atas dasar informasi di awal tanpa paksaan (PADIATAPA) were held for the suppliers in 2019.

Besides, the company effectively accomplished the supply chain complaints based on the organized involvement approach. The company was legitimated by LSM Mighty Earth as the leading palm oil company to handle the complaint system by involving the third sides.

The company directly and indirectly supports 144.000 hectares of forest areas conservation. 72.000 hectares were in its concession areas, and the rests were in the third sides and people’s areas. Last year, the company joined the industrial initiatives to fund and support the deforestation supervision in Indonesian through the radar. (T2)


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