The Stakeholders in India Asked for the Stable CPO Price

The Stakeholders in India Asked for the Stable CPO Price

InfoSAWIT, MUMBAI – The Palm Oil Developers and Processor Association (OPDPA) asked the government of India to change the structure and policy to maximize the domestic potential.

The association claimed the mechanism to the stable price to protect the smallholders from the price fluctuation. They also asked for the support to minimum support price for the vegetable commodities determined by Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP) in 2018.

As quoted from The Hindu Business Line, the special package for the North-East, India would support the wide areas to develop palm oil plantation. “The government needs to consider provide the wide areas for the goal,” the association told.

The agro-climate in the region is good to develop and cultivate palm oil. The areas cover more than two thousand hectares. Welcoming the government’s will to encourage the palm oil development in North-East, OPDPA stated that the region could be potential to be the biggest center of palm oil development in India.

Until now, India still depends on imported palm oil reaching about 15 million tons (or hardly 68%) to fulfill the total vegetable oil needs in the country reaching about 22 million tons. Of 15 million tons imported vegetable oil, about 9 million tons (or hardly 60%) is palm oil. The association thought that the region has the capacity to produce crude palm oil for about US$ 1 billion. (T2)


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