Palm Oil Shell from Bangka to Japan Reached Rp 1,1 billion

Palm Oil Shell from Bangka to Japan Reached Rp 1,1 billion

InfoSAWIT, BANGKA – Ministry of agriculture did the first palm oil shell exports to Japan reaching 10.000 tons from PT. Bumi Agri Sejahtera bernilai for about Rp. 1,1 billion.

"We export palm oil shell as the waste. There is nothing useless. This is the hard work of the people of Bangka Belitung, and other supporting sides, Governor,” Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently in Bangka.

He also said that if the synergy runs together in agriculture, the people could face every challenge, namely in the pandemic.

“If we do everything together, we could face any challenge, including the impact of Covid-19. Bangka Belitung should be in synergy with other provinces,” he said.

“I do appreciate the cooperation and hard work by having synergic thought from everyone dealing with the agriculture both in the central, regional, the stakeholders, and the farmers,” Minister Syahrul said.

Head of Badan Karantina Pertanian, Ali jamil mentioned that besides nutmeg, palm oil, and rubber, palm oil shell multiply the export mainstays from Bangka Belitung.

He also took other stakeholders to advantage the kredit usaha rakyat (KUR) in agriculture to expand the downstream business.

In the future, the exported things should be the products, or at least, half products to get more additional values for the people and the farmers,” he said.

Central bureau of statistic in the second quarter 2020, the agriculture significantly increased in the pandemic, reaching 16,24% and as the most positive progress of all sectors. (T2)


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