It Needs Cooperation to Solve the Land Issues

It Needs Cooperation to Solve the Land Issues

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – It is admitted of not, 70% of the land issues in Indonesia have something to do with the forest region though the land is not categorized as forest anymore. About 4,1 million hectares have been released from the forest regions but only about 1% is executed. “This is the issue which in the end, it would be status quo,” Vice Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial/National Land Agency, Surya Tjandra said in online discussion that InfoSAWIT joined.

He also gave example that in Sorong, the capital city is in forest status. It needs to clarify the forest status when the government still supports it. It needs to involve others to solve the issue, such as, the ministry of forestry and environment. (T2)


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